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Installation from RPM

2.1 Installation from RPM

It is best to install Percival from RPM. Percival RPM can be installed on RedHat, Mandrake and Turbolinux. RPMS can be obtained from SourceForge The installation is as simple as doing

rpm -ihv percival-1-1.i386.rpm
After successful completion of the command you have Percival up and running.

2.1.1 Verifying Installation

Connect to http://<yourhost>:8181. You should see system login screen. The system comes with user guest and password guest. It is a good idea to change them.

Then do following commands:

su - avalon

cd /usr/local/percival/bin

./ check

Command will produce following output:

konfigd - ok

kollector - ok

thaw - ok

querymaker - ok

Another check is to rebuild database:

It will produce something like this:

[10-Mar-2003 17:11:29 :8336] Starting compile: Percival version 1.1.1 built on at Sun Mar 9 16:05:50 IST 2003 by root features: light gpl

[10-Mar-2003 17:11:31 :8336] Processed 62 nodes (in 30 files) in 4 seconds.

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