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Percival Operation Basics

3 Percival Operation Basics

Despite its very simple look, Percival is a complex system. In this chapter you will learn how to operate Percival from command line. You will learn how to stop/start the system, what daemons(services) should be running, what each of them do. You will also learn how to manage network elements using konfne command and basic concepts of the Percival configuration database. In this chapter we try to keep things as single as possible, advanced concepts will be handled in the separate chapter.

All Percival commands a located in /usr/local/percival/bin.In the next sections we assume that you are working as user avalon you and you have this directory in your PATH variable or have done cd there. We also assume that Percival was installed from RPM on RedHat like linux distribution.

It is very important to operate Percival as user avalon and not as root!!! You can switch to avalon by typing su - avalon

3.1 Starting/Stopping Percival

3.2 Percival Daemons (Services) and Commands

3.3 Managing Devices

3.4 Logfiles

3.5 Backup Procedures

3.6 Upgrading the system

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