Building Percival

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Percival must be installed in the /usr/local/percival. It expects to find perl and all supporting packages in /usr/local/avalon. Other configurations are not supported at the moment. But it can be done with some scripting.

Percival builds are done automatically from the unified source base. Because of this, there are no instructions how to build it by hand. We do however give you a full list of required packages as well as source code for the Percival and modified RRDtool.

Required Perl Packages:

Required Apache Packages:

RRDtool and Percival

After you have built required Perl and Apache packages, you can build RRDtool and Percival. NOTE: Percival will not work with the standard RRDtool. RRDtool and Percival source code can be downloaded from SourceForge download area. Clink on this link to go there. Logo RRDtool LOGO